When was the last time you played a good game? It may have been some time ago, particularly if you only play free games. Sometimes when looking for good games and finding so many duds people can get discouraged. Sometimes they may run into a bad game with that being the last straw for them, and thus they give up.

We understand your frustrations with finding good games and as such we will only provide the best games for free at this site. Games will be made available here soon so keep checking back for news and more details.

Thinking of getting a particular game listed or even your own game on this site? Let us know if you have recommendations for a good game and we'll have a look.

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Within this site you will find a vast compendium of games available to play once the site is updated. You will also find various reviews on different games to help you decide which ones to play.

Keep in mind that player and even professional reviews can only say so much about a game. Much of the time the perceived quality of the game comes down to personal preference. Some people might like a certain kind of game and other people may like other kinds.

With the different opinions out there it can be pretty hard to sort out the relevant reviews. The recommended strategy for finding the top stuff is to find one or more reviewers that have similar tastes to yourself. This will help you find games that are more to your liking, which may sometimes even be a niche game rather than one in the mainstream.

Mainstream games are usually popular for a reason, but there are many niches that exist for games. One possible category is strategy, another possibility is casino.